What To Expect

Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a church before, or you’ve attended a church your whole life, you’re very welcome at Grace Church. We understand that visiting somewhere new can be a bit nerve-racking, so we’d like to help you learn more about what happens when you visit us on Sunday.

Where are you?

You can find us at 40 Third Ave, St Morris.  There is plenty of street parking around.  If you take public transport, hop off at Bus stop 13 on Magill Road, and it’s a 5 minute walk up Gardiner Avenue.

I’m not a Christian – am I welcome?

Absolutely! Our doors are open to everyone, as we believe that the good news of Jesus is for everyone. We’d love to help you to explore this good news, and to put your faith in Jesus. Our church service is a great place for you to start having a look at who Jesus is and what that might mean for you.

What time should I arrive?

Our service starts at 9.30am, but it’s worth turning up about 5 minutes beforehand to get your bearings and grab a seat.

How long does the service go for?

The service usually finishes up at about 10:45am. You are also welcome to join us for morning tea after the service.

What should I wear?

We want you to feel comfortable joining us for the service. Please just come as you are – church is about the people you’re with, not the clothes you’re wearing.  Most people dress pretty casually – but dress however you’re most comfortable.

Where do I sit?

You are welcome to sit anywhere. There’s no reserved or VIP seating, so as long as no one else is sitting on the seat, you’re welcome to sit there!

What happens during the service?

Each week the order may change, but there are some things we do pretty much every week.  We often start with some singing, then a kid’s talk and a kid’s song before they go off to their programs.  We hear the Bible read and someone will do a talk explaining what we’ve heard and how it relates to Jesus, God’s big plan, and to us.  Someone will pray for our community, our city and our world.  Every second week, we share bread and wine to remember Jesus’ death on the cross for us – called ‘communion’ or ‘the Lord’s Supper’.

This might be unfamiliar to you and that’s ok – you’re welcome to just listen in, and participate as much or as little as you like.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely – church is for people of all ages and stages. Kids and adults join us at the start of the service, and then the children go to their children’s programs about 15 minutes in. We have a creche, a lower primary and an upper primary program.  The children are well cared for by trained leaders, who have received child protection qualifications. You are of course welcome to sit in on any of kids programs and watch what happens.

I’ve migrated to Australia – will I be welcome?

Yes!!!  Very welcome!  We’re part of a world wide family of people from almost every nation who follow Jesus, and there are people from a number of different countries in our community.  For those who speak Mandarin Chinese, outlines of the bible talks in Mandarin Chinese are available.  Whatever your language or culture, we’d love to see you this Sunday!

E      P (08) 8332 7715    A 40 Third Avenue, St Morris SA 5068
Grace Church is part of the Grace Anglican Network.