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I am sure you are aware of the discussions surrounding the issue of bullying in our schools that continues to fill our newsfeeds. It is a hot topic and much has been said and proposed. Let me share with you some apt, challenging, helpful and recent (8 March, 2016*) thoughts from a former Moore College lecturer of mine Rev. Dr. Michael Jensen addressing this issue;

“That people are bullied, victimised, and even assaulted because of their sexuality in contemporary Australia is completely unacceptable. Yet for me, this is a simple corollary of the teaching of Jesus Christ. As a Christian minister, I am compelled to stand against those who would advocate or participate in such treatment of LGBTIQ people, or anyone else for that matter. […]

We must remember that the Christian faith has bequeathed to our culture a great gift: the teaching that we are all made in the image of God. That concept permeates even apparently secular documents like the US Declaration of Independence. It coaches us to see humanity in the face of the other. It was this conviction that held good against the social Darwinians of the late nineteenth century, who would rather have placed people of different races on the lesser rungs of the human ladder.

Add to that the experience of Jesus Christ: rejected by his own, abandoned by his friends, convicted by a corrupt and lazy government, tortured, tormented, and killed. At the heart of the Christian faith is the sign of the cross, which calls us to remember what we human beings are capable of as well as to recall what God offers us.

How could a person who worships a victim of bullying turn away from those who are being victimised and bullied?”

Keep trusting Jesus,

Simon (Pastor, Grace Norwood)

[* The complete article can be found at www.huffingtonpost.com.au]

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