The True Jesus is more confronting than I thought…

If you’ve been with us for the last four weeks you’ll have been tracking with us through the story of Jesus’ life as presented by Luke.  Whether you’re someone who is just beginning to check out who Jesus is or someone who has known Him throughout your life, actually taking a close look at what the Bible says about Jesus can be a confronting exercise (in a good way!).  It’s confronting because it confronts us with a God who will not keep his distance, but comes to us in all his holiness and love and makes His claims upon us.  It’s confronting because in the light that Jesus shines we see ourselves more clearly.  At the same time it’s gloriously good because it means God has come to us to bring us deeply into his life and love.

So have you been confronted by Jesus?  Over the last few weeks we’ve seen him acting with startling compassion, awesome power, amazing words and an authority that could only come from one place – God himself. It’s been a far cry from the fuzzy feel good Jesus we often see in popular culture, and a picture of a man who stands as unique in history.

What do you make of him?

Sam Bleby (Associate Minister, Grace Trinity Gardens

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