Privacy Policy

At Grace Kensington (St Matt’s), Grace Norwood (St Bart’s) & Grace Trinity Gardens (The Grace Anglican Network – GAN) we recognise our responsibilities with regard to dealing carefully and properly with the information we collect and retain for our ministry purposes. We seek to comply with the National Privacy Principles, as outlined below:

1. Collection of Information

We collect information only for the purposes of the ministry functions of GAN. No one is under any compulsion to give us any personal information unless they wish to do so

2. Use and Disclosure of Information

We use information only for the purposes we have declared. Permission will be sought before using the information in any other way.

3. Data Quality

We will endeavour at all times to keep our personal information complete, accurate and up to date.

4. Data Security

We will protect personal information from unauthorised disclosure and misuse.

5. Openness

Our privacy policy is available to anyone who wishes to see it.

6. Access and Correction

We undertake to provide individuals with access to their personal information and to take reasonable steps to correct any errors.

7. Identifiers

We will not use any Government or agency identifiers to identify an individual.

8. Anonymity

If requested, where lawful and practicable we will deal with people who prefer to remain anonymous.

9. Data Flow

We will not transfer any personal information to any other person, agency or organisation without the expressed consent of the individual.

10. Sensitive information

When we collect sensitive information (eg health, race, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, marital status etc) it will be only in relation to the ministry of the Grace Anglican Network.

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Grace Church is part of the Grace Anglican Network.