About Us

We’re a community of people who reflect the area in which we live – we are multicultural, we include people of every age and stage, and we welcome you wherever you’re up to in your thinking about God.

We also want to be a community that reflects who God is to the area in which we live.  God has come into this world in the person of Jesus .  He came to bring glory to God, to call us to faith, and to reconcile us to God through his death and resurrection – which is the best news this world can hear.  Why? Because knowing God brings freedom from your past, new life for the present and purpose and hope for the future.

So here at Grace Church we’re on about the same three things: bringing glory to God; growing in faith, and telling out the good news of Jesus in what we say and in what we do.

E      P (08) 8332 7715    A 40 Third Avenue, St Morris SA 5068
Grace Church is part of the Grace Anglican Network.